Our FAQ’s

How long does it take to wash my car?

We’ll complete your full serve wash (inside and out) in 20 minutes or less.

Do I need to vacuum my car every time I wash it?

No, but remember that frequent vacuuming will prevent premature soiling of both carpets and upholstery.

How often should I wash my car?

Washing your car frequently, say once a week, helps prevent environmental contaminants from sitting and baking onto your vehicle’s finish. Try to avoid parking under contaminating trees or near active sprinklers on windy days.

Why shouldn’t I just wash my own car?

If you choose to hand wash your car, use soft sponges and lots of car wash specific soap to prevent scratches. Save your dish soap for washing your dishes, not your car.

Can I use my old t-shirts and towels to wash my car?

Towels are preferred and slightly dampened towels dry a car better than a dry towel (less chance of scratching).

I’m very green at home and want to know that the vendors I choose are as well. Are you a “green” business St. George Car Wash?

Yes, we try to do our part by using only products that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for handling. We also recycle the water we can for re-use at various cleaning stations.

How much water does it take to wash my own car?

Home washing generally uses up to 100 gallons of fresh water compared to approximately 30 gallons of fresh water used by St. George Car Wash. Also keep in mind that any water you use winds up in the gutter untreated. St George Car washes captures and recycles almost 75% of the water used during our wash process for potential re-use.

How can I tell when my paint finish needs cleaning and waxing?

Feel a side panel on your vehicle and compare this to how the finish on your hood feels. Are they the same? Generally hoods take more of an environmental beating than do side panels and will feel rougher. All paint surfaces should feel smooth and grit free.

How often should I wax my car?

Hand waxes will generally last about a month. Carnuba waxes will generally last up to three months and paint sealants will generally last 6 months to a year. Whichever you choose, just be sure to do something! Don’t forget to wax the top surfaces of your car twice as much as the sides…they get twice the beating!

Why shouldn’t I leave my windows down on hot days?

Three simple words… dust, dust, dust. Have you experienced one of our flash floods lately?

Do leather seats require any special attention?

Yes! Cleaning and moisturizing your leather upholstery twice a year is cheap insurance (and it smells good too)!

How do I keep my expensive, fancy wheels looking new?

You can keep them that way by keeping them waxed! When cleaning fancy wheels, make sure the wheels are cool. Water and chemicals can stain them when hot.

When is the last time you really looked at the passenger side of your car?

Take a moment to walk around the other side of your car periodically. You may discover something that you never knew was there (like loose molding, scratches, tar or paint overspray).

What are all these black spots on my car? I just had it washed!

Chances are you picked up some road tar, which is common after driving over newly resurfaced roads. Get it off asap and don’t forget to re-wax after removing.

Let’s see… where can I set my groceries?

Don’t use the hood or trunk of your car for a table. Grocery bags, boxes and purses can cause scratches!

Love to hunt, but look at all these scratches on my truck… now what?

Hunters, don’t despair. With today’s paint technology and quality, even bad scratches can often times be removed by a professional.

How did dirt get under my floor mat?

Keeping carpeted mats free of dirt and mud prevents dirt from being transferred through the back of the mat and onto your carpet. St. George Car Wash can shampoo your carpeted mats while your car is being washed without any additional time.

I’m thinking about having my carpets shampooed but who do I trust?

When having your carpet or upholstery professionally cleaned, ask to SEE the extractor. Does it look like something a professional would use? Scrub brushes and buckets don’t qualify.

How do you prevent hard water spots?

Only pure reverse osmosis (RO) water, which is free of all minerals and contaminants, is used during our final rinse to ensure a spot free finish.

Does detailing my car before selling really help its resale value?

You bet it does! First impressions count! Studies have shown that getting a complete professional detail not only pays for itself, but yields a greater return than simply selling a used vehicle as is. Increase the value of your used vehicle by letting the professionals at St. George Car Wash restore your vehicle to its maximum potential before you advertise it.

My dog goes with me everywhere but now my car looks and smells like him. What can I do?

We love our dogs too, however, they can shed, leave unwanted odors, and scratch your finish. Don’t howl—we can help.

Hey, I was here before that guy… what’s taking so long?

Please help us help you be removing any unwanted items and trash from your vehicle BEFORE you visit us. Save your grocery shopping until after your car wash so we can give you a more thorough vacuum and wash. Don’t forget to pop the trunk once in a while so we can vacuum it too!

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